Before you put the needle on this record you are struck with the power of music. Charlie Wooton: A Lafayette LA native with strong New Orleans roots and touring credentials with Royal Southern Brotherhood, The New Orleans Suspects, and more. Rafael Pereira, São Paulo native who brings his rich understanding of Brazilian rhythm to Janelle Monae and many others. Two different stories, one root. Zabaduo is the start of their collaborative groove and an introduction to the band Zabadodat, with Daniel Groover and Laura Reed. The first record is ready for release on April 22, and it's a required primer for this ongoing project. Just a few notes in and Charlie's evocative bass moves you to FEEL the story of the south, as Rafa connects the dots to connect the cultures. Like a big pot of Gumbo AND Feijoada - a beautiful exploration of a common human thread, both longing and loving. Start here to stay up on Tribo news.