Andre Rievers release  4 | 28 | 2017


Tribo Records is Born:

Ropeadope announces Tribo Records, a new collaboration with percussionist Rafael Pereira. As the next addition to the expanding Ropeadope family of labels, Tribo Records will be a hub for Brazilian and Latin American artists here in the United States. The vision for the label and the selection of music comes from Rafael, as he hand picks the artist roster and brings new projects to his studio in Atlanta. The label has released 2 records in 2015 and plans on releasing 5 more in 2016, including music involving artists such as Laura Reed, Cleveland Jones, Adron, Zee Avi, Banda Magda, Charlie Wooton, Andre Rievers, Sander Pinheiro, Fernanda Noronha, Joe McGuinness, Khari Simmons, Jorge Continentino, among others.

São Paulo Brazil: synonymous with Rhythm. Not the rhythm they teach in the classroom, not the boom-bap or the boom-bip. The rhythm of the street, of the movement of life. Rafael Pereiera grew up in Sao Paulo and took in that rhythm, and then studied with the masters - Airto Moreira, Naná Vasconcelos, Guello, Marcos Suzano, Alex Acuña, Luis Conte and more. Moving to Atlanta, Rafa did his time and earned a degree in Jazz Drum Set at Georgia State. This path informs his style of blending traditional rhythms with jazz and other styles. Rafael also holds down the drummer spot for Ropeadope artists MKG.

Ropeadope is an independent record label known for unique recordings that cross genres. Founded in 1999, the label has released over 180 recordings; historically important releases (The Philadelphia Experiment, The Word), groundbreaking new artists (Jneiro Jarel, DJ Logic), and most recently the jazz phenomenon Snarky Puppy. In recent years the label has been at the forefront of the new music business, tailoring a progressive model of artist support and unique social media strategies. Ropeadope is a hub for artist driven independent label imprints GroundUP, Mashibeats, Label Who?, Jellowstone Records, Atlanta Records, and Mexico City based Ropeadope Sur.

‘Tribo Records was born of a need to fulfill the connection between the Latin American and the American music landscapes. Tribo (tree-bo) meaning tribe in Portuguese as well as Spanish becomes the perfect name, as it suggests, to bring people together in the truest sense of the word. As music becomes more transglobal, a tribe of modern artists create their own music and generate their own networks. The label not only releases Latin American artists wanting to expand their music to American listeners, but it also works in reverse bringing music made by Latin American musicians living in the United States back into their respective countries and then a step further by presenting the music to the world. The magic word here is "connect". So, plug in your headphones and start listening to a world of passionate, real music.’ Rafael Pereira


‘I was instantly struck by Rafa’s commitment, but even stronger was his enthusiasm for the past, present, and future of music. This type of energy and positive outlook is the key to the future, and we are thrilled to begin this journey with Rafael. Tribo Records joins the growing family of imprints as we continue our push for a strong network of artist-driven labels.’ (Louis Marks)