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"Popularized by Muhammed Ali, a tactic of proctecting one's self during combat while an opponent wears himself out, and then unexpectedly lashing out.  In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a lesser position, thereby becoming the eventual victor."

Ropeadope is also a Philadelphia-based record label whose aim is to offer listeners quality music and to uphold the integrity of independent thinkers and artists.  What makes Ropeadope different from larger major labels?  While some may fight to be the biggest and the baddest, Ropeadope is the boldest.  "The RADfam" is not only a great brand, and staying one step ahead in a changing industry, it is a community. Investing in people, supporting creative freedom, and doing things its own way is how the label stays victorious.

But what is Tribo?  From Spanish and Portuguese this word translates to "Tribe."  To me, it means family.  We are an Atlanta-based label, led by Brazilian percussionist Rafael Pereira.  As a part of the RADfam, we focus on incorporating styles of music from around the world to produce one-of-a-kind albums.  We create community by sharing culture. 

Tribo is proud to have our roots in Atlanta.  "We love ATL" is much more than a hashtag project to us.  Our musicians perform at venues that have a history and a love for community similar to ours.  Northside Tavern Blues Bar is one of our favorite locations.  Northside believes "giving back is a win-win-win situation."  Bands get the opportunity to perform with Atlanta greats, making Northside shows "heartfelt, special moments."

Zabadodat, a band in the tribe, shared the stage with Rita Graham on June 12th of this year.  The show was particularly special for me.  Seeing friends perform, doing what they love, and engaging an appreciative audience is always a great time.  Seeing the same friends appreciate Rita Graham as a victor who paved a way in the music industry was a moment I'll always remember. 

The show's sound was timeless.  Nothing describes Laura Reed better than the Shakespeare quote "though she be but little, she is fierce."  Laura's energy and smokey, skilled vocals are show-stopping.  Band members Charlie Wooton (bass), Rafael Pereira (percussion), Mark Raudabaugh Jr. (drums), and Daniel Groover (guitar) are exceptionally talented, animated, and fun to listen to.  Zabadodat is a refreshing band, bringing authenticity and musicality back to live performance.

We hope to see you at our next Tribo show!

Laura Reed

Charlie Wooton

Rafael Pereira

Mark Raudabaugh

Daniel Groover

Laura Reed sings with Rita Graham

Laura Reed sings with Rita Graham